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Frequently Asked Questions:



I bought my BoAir filter through another online company and they are not returning my calls.
Unfortunately, we cannot help in this situation but we would recommend sending certified, return receipt mail to their company address as a last resort.

Which way does the air flow through the BoAir Filter?
The air flows as indicated by the arrow on the top edge of the filter.

Where can I buy the BoAir filter inserts for frames?
They can be purchased online or through any authorized distributor.

Why is my electric bill going up with the BoAir filter installed?
Several factors come into play regarding an increased electric bill. However, in order to ensure optimum filtration you should leave your fan in the "on" position to continuously filter the air.

Why am I not getting the same amount of dirt in my BoAir filter as a paper one?
Paper filters only have one layer and all of the dirt is gathered on the front of the filter. The BoAir filter has layers that gather the dust particulates, therefore you are only seeing the largest particles on the front of your BoAir filter.

Will my BoAir filter take care of pet hair & cat dander? Your Boair filter will catch a significant amount of pet hair & cat dander.

Do I get the same filtering with a 3 stage filter in comparison to a 5 stage filter?
The 5 stage filter will give you optimum filtration, the more layers the higher the capture rate of the particulates.

Do you ship internationally?
No, shipping is in the United States only.

What is the process for Warranty replacement? Please refer to the warranty card received with your filter. If you are unable to locate
your warranty card, customary return procedures are to send the filter back to the manufacturer at your expense. The manufacturer will
perform a thorough inspection of the filter and deem the filter replaceable through warranty or not.